Since starting Kibera Penda Project in 2008, we have seen incredible growth in the desire, motivation and hope of the students living in Kibera. We are now partnering with sponsors to send 76 students to government day-school and 37 students to boarding school. This year 31 out of the 53 students from New Hope Primary School passed their Class 8 national exams - the school's highest percentage ever and we are anticipating that this number will grow even more! We are grateful that most of our sponsors from previous years are continuing their commitment, allowing these children to continue their education. Kibera Penda ProjectKibera Penda Project will have their first student, Gladys Atieno, graduate high school this spring and we are committed to sponsoring her at a university this fall. In addition, we are sponsoring two New Hope Primary School staff members to continue their university education.

This year we are also focusing on ways to help those who do not pass their Class 8 national exams. New Hope Initiative placed three of the girls at Seed of Hope, a girl's vocational training center that emphasizes education and teaches job skills necessary for their future success.

We place high expectations on our students in Kibera Penda Project, and we want our students committed to their future. Our goal is to give them the necessary resources, allowing them to work hard and escape the poverty cycle. We realize that not every student will succeed in this program, but we have seen a drastic change in the motivation and determination of these students. They understand the opportunity they have been given, and they do not take it for granted. However, we still have a few students who need sponsors for high school. If you are interested in helping give hope through education, please visit our website at

By Ava Baird