Those of you who are familiar with all of New Hope Initiative’s projects might wonder why you haven’t heard anything regarding our orphanage for children with special needs in some time. Our last visit there was several years ago and we wanted to wait before sending an update. In September we visited the orphanage with a team from Sagemont Church in Houston, Texas. Our project in India is easily our most unique, as it diligently cares for children with both physical and mental challenges. The orphanage is small, as we are only meeting the needs of 15 children. This is a result of both funding issues, as well as the extra care required by the children.

The challenges these children face range from mild academic-related delays to extreme developmental issues that have rendered them totally incapable of caring for themselves. Some of the children have physical disabilities and one is hearing impaired (see Im(re)paired). Five of the fifteen orphans do not suffer from mental or physical challenges and serve as mentors and helpers to the more challenged children.

These five, all girls, were abandoned by their families who did not want to raise more female children. Abuse and other unspeakable horrors awaited them if left to a life on the streets. These young ladies, ranging in age from 12-14, are a great help to our facility.

Our goals for this center are to increase monthly funding so that we can add about 10 more children and to move our new director, a local named Jenny, from two days each week to a full time position.

Jenny has a degree in physical therapy and experience with children with special needs. She is doing an amazing job and we are incredibly happy that we added her to our staff of caregivers.

We also need a deep-water well on the property as all water is currently brought in by truck. A new well will cut operating costs, raise the level of care, and allow for farming. Not only will this improve the children’s diet, but give them valuable skills needed to survive.

The orphanage can be a challenging place. This is due to the extreme nature of the challenges these children face, and also the reality many of these children are discarded like trash because families believe they are a curse from the gods. However, no matter how great the challenges, it is awesome to see the difference we are making in the lives of these very special children. It is because of your continued prayer and support that we are able to serve this community.