Dear All, We are grateful to God for your self-sacrifices in making our once hopeless children now bounce with hope.  We are grateful to you for making this project a wonder in our small village and its environs.  If not for the love of Christ in your hearts, these children would not have become what they are today.  Our children want to be in touch with their sponsors very often, but Internet is a luxury in our village.  I have been trying everyday for a week to find a strong enough signal to send this message.  Cell communication is also poor in our remote setting.

Pastor Francis Rogers

Everyone here is healthy and kicking.  Prayer for you, our sponsors, is a must in our daily devotions.  The kids are curious to see those who have never seen them but love them so much.  This is because we let the children know who is sacrificing so much to give them a future. 

The love of Christ is vividly shown to our community through this project and to some extent, makes evangelism easy to the lost.  This would not have been possible without you.  God could have chosen to use another person, but He chose you and that makes your sacrifice for these kids very significant. Especially since this is the first project of its kind in our entire district!

Once more, we are grateful for your great love for us.  We assure you that your donations are raising a mighty army for the Lord.  He will richly bless you.  We love you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For and on behalf of the kids, Pastor Francis Rogers - Home Director