My name is Moses Kallon and I was born in Sierra Leone. My parents divorced when I was one and a half and my mother gave me to my grandmother to care for me. She tried her best to tend to my needs, but by the time I was eight we were struggling to get by. I began working for people who would give me food or a little money. I did this for 2-3 years, but it was not meeting my needs. I started stealing from people’s farms for fruits, vegetables, and chickens. I would either eat what I stole or sold the goods so I could buy clothing. On the occasion when I was caught in the act, I was beaten severely without any mercy. Although I suffered many pains and anguish from being beaten, I continued to steal. This was the only way I could survive. When I was ten my older brother came from another village and paid the school fees for me. This was my first time attending school. My life improved, but after I completed grade four my brother could no longer afford the school fees or help my grandmother purchase food.


In 2005 God smiled on me when He brought Pastor Rogers from Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, to our village of Moribatown. I went to his house asking for work in order to feed myself. After some time, he recognized my hard work and humility. He later took me in as his own child, allowing me to stay in his house with his family. We stayed there for three years or so, living an average life in that difficult time after the war. During this period, Pastor Rogers introduced me to Jesus Christ and the salvation He offered by dying on the cross.

Pastor Rogers is a man of God with a huge heart for the suffering children of Sierra Leone. It is for this reason that he sought to build an orphanage. In 2008 he met a missionary from the U.S., David Tanner. David brought the project to Pastor Sandy Baird who put our future dreams in motion. In 2009 both men brought a small team with them in order to establish a feeding program

God once again blessed my life as I met Phil d’Entremont. God placed Phil and I together on his first day in Sierra Leone. The team had broken into small groups to teach Bible lessons to the children and I was in Phil’s group. I took it upon myself to be Phil’s interpreter between the children and him.

Since that day Phil has treated me as one of his own. He financially supports me, encourages me, and even disciplines me when necessary (thankfully only once, but my actions justified his and Pastor Rogers’ rebukes). Phil is always looking out for my best interests. I was so pleased when New Hope Initiative appointed him to be the director of the orphanage project. I gave my life to Christ when I met Pastor Rogers, but I felt the love, care, and concern of Christ when I met “Daddy” Phil. I hope to graduate high school in the next few years and I know “Daddy” Phil will do what he can to assist me in growing into the successful man God wants me to become.

My life has forever changed under the programs and dwellings established by New Hope Initiative. I can now boast of eternal security in Christ Jesus. I now have a hope of a brighter and useful future. May God bless all the sponsors and supporters of the Karen Baird’s Children’s Home.

By Moses Kallon