2012 provided us with the opportunity to deepen our relationships, enhance our work, and learn more about the specific needs of our various projects around the world. At our orphanage for children with special needs in India, we recognized their critical need for a deep water well.  We could not exaggerate the importance of a well at this orphanage:

  1. There was no clean drinking water readily available at the orphanage compound.
  2. Purchasing sanitary drinking water was prohibitively expensive.
  3. There was not enough water for basic laundry or hygiene concerns.
  4. And there was not enough water to grow vegetables in order give the children a balanced diet.

There was no money budgeted for this need, nor were any donors identified as we looked at the New Year wondering how we could address this pressing need. Incredibly, during the first few days of 2013, a previously unknown donor stepped forward and offered to fund 100% of the drilling costs for a new well! We immediately transferred the funds to India and before the end of January, wonderful, clear, clean, and drinkable water abounded for our children.

Not only are we able to meet the previously mentioned immediate needs, but we are now able to teach the children the self-sustaining skill of farming! The well also allows us to provide water to many of the poor villagers that live within close proximity of our facility. It is such a blessing to see the passionate and generous response of our donors who time and time again come through above and beyond our own expectations.