new-leadership-post We are pleased to announce that we have added a new position to our staff in Nairobi.  Christopher Gitonga has recently agreed to become New Hope Initiative's Director of Special Projects in Kenya. Chris was born and raised in Nairobi and attended quality educational institutions throughout his childhood and teenage years. Spiritually his life changed dramatically when he began to play basketball at a large youth project called Hope Center in Nairobi. It was through this sports ministry that Chris developed a vibrant personal faith. It was also at Hope Center in 2004 that Chris met and became friends with Kyle Baird who was serving a summer internship between colleges semesters. Chris and Kyle were both in their early twenties at the time and have remained friends for the past decade.

Chris went on to work part time for another non profit organization in Kenya and also to start his own safari company called "Front Seat Safaris". Many of NHI's supporters have met Chris in Nairobi as he has provided logistical support like transportation and lodging for our visiting teams. Chris has proven himself to be an invaluable member of our organization. He is well connected in Nairobi, he has a warm engaging personality, and he has multifaceted abilities to manage different aspects of the ministry.

Chris will serve specifically as the liaison between the NHI board and our newly reorganized school in Kibera, he will supervise construction projects (having served as the general contractor on our recent dining hall construction),  he will be the overseer of the Kibera Penda Project, and serve as logistical support for our visiting teams. Chris is currently single however he is hoping that status will be changing soon as he has a fiancé from Michigan named Kelly Bowman. We are excited to welcome Chris to the NHI family and we are looking forward to many of our friends and supporters developing a close friendship with him. Welcome Chris!