bring-light-post Murana Umara has had a very difficult life in Sierra Leone. At an early age his mother became sick. The father took her to a witch doctor and “treated” her. She died in agony a short time later. Three months later, his father died. His brother, sister and he were all alone. With no other choices available the police put them into the care of their elderly grandmother. This strong woman loved them so much but did not have the means to care for them. As times became worse for them and food became more and more scarce, the grandmother sent his sister to the city to live with a woman. This helped for a little while, but when the sister returned the situation became worse than ever. The siblings turned to the streets doing odd jobs or stealing anything they could put their hands on. They were desperate to put food in their stomachs. The situation got to a point that the sister sold her virginity in order to feed the siblings.

This is when the group met Pastor Rogers. He was determined to help the children but had little means of his own. He enrolled them into a church run feeding program and planned to move them into an orphanage he was building. Their lives began to look brighter until a hurricane destroyed the building the Pastor was building. What they did not understand at that point was that God was working in their favor. Shortly, there after Pastor Rogers met an American missionary who connected him to New Hope Initiative. NHI came on board, aided the feeding program, and built the Karen Baird Children’s Home. Murana and his siblings were among the first children to move in. As the children grew to know Christ and gave their life to Him, life began to look positive for them and they had the hope of a good future.

Murana enrolled in school and excelled. His language and writing skills improved. Although quiet in nature, he became very well spoken. It seemed as though he was on the right track and he was thankful to God. That is when he began having headaches.  Soon he was having problems seeing. The local clinic gave him eye drops. With the lack of qualified medical care and doctors his vision worsened quickly. In less than a year he has now become almost completely blind. The young boy can no longer attend school and is becoming discouraged.

Pastor Rogers and I met with the headmaster of a school for the blind. He is willing to bring Murana in for re-habilitation. He feels that within the next 6 to 9 months Murana would be able to learn to read braille, learn to type, and be ready to move back to the children’s home. At that point he would be able to rejoin his class mates in school by using a tape recorder and a typewriter. Please help NHI make this happen for this young boy. He needs to be equipped with all the items necessary at the blind school including the typewriter, tape recorder, a bed and mattress, other school materials, and every-day items. Help NHI prevent this from happening in the future by supporting the Children’s Home each month to provide for better medical care for all of the children in the home.

Thank you and God bless,

Phil d’Entremont - Project Director: Sierra Leone