SLUM-SCHOOL-ARTICLE One of our stated goals for 2014 was to move our New Hope Kibera Academy in Nairobi, Kenya from an adequate school working in the midst of a slum to a school which develops academic and spiritual excellence as an example to the entire community. We began in January with a reorganization of our entire school, lowering class sizes and demanding academic effort from all of our students, staff, and parents. We promoted this overall effort by enhancing the physical facilities, reducing class size, providing enhanced academic supplies, and focusing on growth and development for our professional staff. We are so excited to report that our efforts have produced even greater results than we had even hoped for.

As we near the completion of the calendar and school year in Kenya we are seeing the tests scores of our children reach levels that we have never witnessed before. Not only are our top students performing off the charts, we are also seeing the median progress of each class far outpace the other schools of the area.  We've also see great improvements in attendance, discipline enhancement, and behavioral progress. We are going to continue to challenge the students and staff of New Hope Kibera to not only be a great school in the middle of the Kibera slum but to be a model school for all of Kenya.