We are very pleased and excited to announce that New Hope Initiative has a new partner! We are developing a new project in the country of Nicaragua with a dynamic local ministry called Familia Avance Nicaragua. The country of Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere where their are great opportunities to share the love of Christ with people who have both physical and spiritual needs.

This new project will be in the mountainous northern region of that country where Nicaragua borders Honduras and will consist of a new school and church plant. In this region it is reported that 35% of the children do not attend school due to the lack of availability and our new team leader on this project is not only a local pastor but an educated and experienced school administrator. We are excited about this project not only because of the great need and potential in the area but also because of the proximity of this work to our friends and supporters in the United States to whom we will be able to offer cheaper, less time consuming trips.

We encourage you to look for upcoming information on our new Nicaragua project and determine how you can help by supporting this project financially or by being a part of an upcoming trip.

To see more images of the project visit the Facebook Page.