Our medical clinic in Arusha, Tanzania continues to grow both in its effectiveness and its quality. Every year under Dr. Byemba's leadership we have been able to improve both our facilities and our equipment. This year our focus is on the clinic laboratory. We currently take a sample from all of our patients and are able to give an in-house diagnosis for most illnesses. However, we have some serious gaps in the type of tests we can run and the speed at which we can read these tests. Also, there is a shortage of labs where specific specialty tests can be run in the country of Tanzania as a whole. In this gap we see an opportunity for our New Hope Initiative clinic. We have an opportunity to not only meet people's needs, but also earn some income that will begin to provide a measure of self-sustainability in our charitable mission. Our goal is to expand the lab with the needed equipment and personnel so that we can not only meet the needs of our patients, but also become the commercial provider of much of the laboratory needs in the Arusha region. Since we already have some equipment, staff, and facilities, our cost to greatly expand our lab will be very reasonable. We estimate this cost at $38,000. If you know of anyone in the diagnostic industry who might donate equipment or if you would like to financially participate in this special project, we would greatly appreciate it.