One of the things that makes New Hope Initiative so successful is the amazing local leadership that we have managing our many projects. This is the point where so many other mission efforts break down with a lack of leadership, integrity, and accountability from the local staff. However we are so pleased to tell you that it is not the case with New Hope Initiative. Our local staff is comprised of committed, skilled, caring men and women of strong Christian character and integrity. One sterling example of this is Pastor Francis Rogers who is the Director of our orphanage in Sierra Leone West Africa. Pastor Francis consistently makes large personal sacrifices in his own life so that the orphans can receive better care. He regularly eschews personal comfort so the children he loves will have the things they need. Our local staff around the world are also extremely hard working individuals and again Pastor Francis is a perfect example of this. He is never afraid to get his work clothes on and do the things necessary to help the ministry progress. In this picture he has taken off the "pastor" outfit and is making bricks that can be sold to supplement the children's care.

We are so thankful for our local leaders and their staff who sacrifice daily to show the love of Christ to those they have responsibility over. We love our local leaders like Pastor Francis Rogers!