Success most of the time in our world is defined by wealth, power, or fame. At New Hope Initiative we define success with a completely different standard of measurement. In the work we do with the materially disadvantaged around the world our goal is for them to grow into productive self-sufficient adults. This process involves education, mentoring, spiritual development, and practical career awareness.  Elizabeth was one of our student at our New Hope Academy in Kibera. She was one of the very first of our students to be sponsored to secondary school through Kibera Penda Project. She excelled at Langata High School and earned a continuing education scholarship to college. We have literally watched her grow up. Elizabeth recently got a job as a chef at a local hospital which will allow her to support her family and put her on the road to a productive adult life.  We are so happy for Elizabeth and the part NHI had in her development. That is how we define success at New Hope Initiative.

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