The children and their families that we serve at our New Hope Initiative facilities around the world are understandably the focus and primary attention of our ministry. However, it is also very important to remember that it is the staff at our schools, clinics, and orphanages that are responsible for the daily victories that we experience. Each of our works worldwide have dedicated, caring individuals who not only work in a consistent professional manor, but also strive to be excellent representatives of Jesus Christ to the people they minister to.

A great example of our wonderful staff is Faith Afandi, the class 3 teacher at our New Hope Academy in Kibera, Kenya. Faith has been a valuable member of our team for several years not only as a skillful teacher, but more importantly a great Christian mentor and role model. Recently Faith had been carrying around a very painful burden as new educational regulations in Kenya were going to prevent her from being renewed as a teacher. For several weeks she believed at the end of November she would lose not only her job and only source of income, but also the entire profession for which she had given her life. New Hope Initiative was able to lift this burden from Faith by offering her a college scholarship to change her degree major and receive new required teacher training. She will be able to complete this degree course on her off months whereby she can retain her job, remain on our staff, and continue her positive influence in the lives of our students. When Faith heard this news it was like a gigantic burden was lifted from her and she sincerely wept tears of relief and joy. It is wonderful that as an organization we are able to change the lives of the people we minister to, but it is equally rewarding to know that we are making a difference in the lives of our dedicated staff as we partner with them to make a difference in our world.

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