This is one of the current buzzwords in missions and humanitarian work around the world. In the face of too many projects that have failed the test of time after western leadership and money departed, most good organizations are looking for ways to insure that the work they are doing will continue into the future with local leadership and local resources. This is a noble goal, but one that is very difficult to truly achieve. When you consider the humanitarian and spiritual work that New Hope Initiative does among some of the materially poorest people on the planet it is hard to imagine any scenario in which these works could one day be self-supporting. To help us realize the worthy goal of self-sustainability, we have embarked on a very ambitious project in Nairobi, Kenya.

In 2017 we hope to open the Acacia Tree Lodge; a 20 room boutique hotel that will not only provide lodging for our many teams in the region, but also should be able to capitalize on the healthy business and tourism travel market in Kenya. We will give 100% of the proceeds of this project back to our works in East Africa and thereby provide a lasting funding stream that will allow these works to progress even further in the short term and to remain stronger and viable longer with a self sustaining funding stream. We still need a substantial amount of financial help in the next 6 months to see this project completed and we would love to have you help us in this work that will give back for decades to come. If you would like to contribute to this project, please email Sandy Baird (