I am back in Sierra Leone and loving every minute of it.

Our welcome at the home was amazing as usually. The kids all ran to us shouting their greetings and hugging us. Even the new team members were greeted that way. After the introductions the kids sang a welcome song to us. As it seems to be the norm, I got choked up and my eyes welled up a bit. I tried to maintain a straight face, but I think some of the kids saw it. The children are not just kids I know; they have become part of me. I may not remember all of their names, but each one has affected me more than you will ever know. That night I asked two young men on the team their first impressions at the home. The answer was “Excitement! The kids are so happy to see us and genuinely greeted us out of love.” My response to that was that the children know what they will bring to the table this week. That does not mean material goods, but rather true love displayed and expressed to all the children. Each team I have brought in the past has set that precedent. Christ is the center of this entire project. We are but His hands and feet. The eight of us are blessed to be here for the next week serving our Lord and savior and serving the amazing children and staff of our New Hope Initiative Orphanage in Sierra Leone.