To God’s glory New Hope Initiative’s Children’s Home in Sierra Leone is meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children residing there. Amazingly, the overflowing love of Christ is spreading beyond the confines of the home. Ultimately the goal of both Pastor Rogers and NHI is to declare and demonstrate Christ’s love to the surrounding communities and the children’s home is a pivotal piece to the overall evangelical plan.

I have personally witnessed how the love within the children’s home is overflowing into the community and region. The children attend a Christian school run by Pastor Rogers’ church, which allows poverty stricken children to attend. The dedication of the teachers and the success of the students within the school have drawn non-Christian families to the school where Christ and the bible are taught. Many of the children have given their lives to Christ and now attend church regularly.

The church is also growing physically. Each trip I can see how the walls of the building have been moved and the building expanded. The growth of the church body also means larger offerings, some of which goes towards supporting missionaries to plant more churches. In 2003 Pastor Rogers began his church with only a handful of believers. Today he is happy to report 12 churches have been planted from his church and he has no intentions of stopping! He has only reached 6 of 11 chiefdoms in his region and he is dedicated to seeing at least one church in each of these chiefdoms.

The people in the region have come to see the home as a beacon of light in an otherwise dark existence. The children’s home has made a name for itself as a place of love and compassion run by a man of God that is honest and full of integrity. The financial support NHI provides for the home aids not only the children’s home but also these ministries in reaching the people. May God continue to bless Pastor Rogers, the children in the home, and the people of Sierra Leone.