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We attempt to be well organized in our work with New Hope Initiative. We make plans, develop strategy, and implement programs that are all designed to further our mission. However, often our greatest blessings come from the unexpected and unplanned  "projects" that God puts in our path. Such is the story of Baby Bren.  baby BrenThese past 30 months have not been without challenges, baby Bren has a number of developmental issues, almost certainly linked to the circumstances of her conception and birth. But thankfully at every phase she has been able to overcome every obstacle in her path. Bren has become a favorite of our NHI staff and a favorite among many of our teams and volunteers over the years. Today Bren is a thriving, active little girl with a loving personality and a heart-melting smile. At NHI we are thankful for all the strategic projects we are involved in, yet we are equally thankful for the unplanned projects that God places in our path. It is a good reminder for all of us in life and ministry to not become so focused on our strategy that we miss the individual opportunities to love others, like Baby Bren.Thirty months ago, like a modern day Moses, Bren was left in a basket on the steps of our New Hope Kibera Center in Nairobi, Kenya. There was no indication of her age, background, or family. Although our ministry in Kibera is focused on children and youth, we had no immediate program to care for a new born. As we struggled to find an answer to this unexpected need, one of the ladies in our work, aptly named Grace, willingly, immediately, and sacrificially, volunteered to take Bren in. While New Hope Initiative is providing monetary and emotional support for Grace, the degree of sacrifice on her part has been immense. Grace is older with grown children and lives a subsistence-level life in one of the world’s most infamous slums. Yet she has lovingly and consistently poured herself into the life of Baby Bren.