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Christmas Magic

You can bring incredible joy this holiday season to some of the poorest children in the world as you participate in our New Hope Initiative Christmas Project. We are hosting numerous Christmas parties in homes across America to raise funds for the children that New Hope Initiative sponsors in Africa and Asia. All of these funds (100%) will go towards Christmas presents for the children and projects that will directly impact their lives. These parties are informal, fun, and a great way for you to share your passion for New Hope Initiative with your friends and family. Check out our website to see if there is a party scheduled in your community. If there are none in your area, you can host a party!

We have a package available that will allow you to host a party. It is simple, easy, and is a great way to make a difference in the lives of the children New Hope Initiative sponsors. If you are interested in learning more about hosting, please email Beth Snyder. Make this a very special Christmas for some very special children.



Sierra Leone Update

I-pods, computers, video games, and cell phones; many children in the U.S. are continually looking for the next great gadget to bring them happiness. How about the children in the Karen Baird’s Children Home in Sierra Leone? What brings them overwhelming joy? Bibles. That’s right, God’s Word. The children have been longing for their very own Bibles since I first met them four years ago. These children have seen their world and lives transformed because of the love of God. They have seen and interacted with multiple missionary groups that have come in the name of Christ to help them develop both physically and spiritually. As my pastor says, “The Bible is not for information only, but for transformation through application.” The children have had their lives transformed, but I pray that with their own Bibles they will learn more, apply it to their lives, and grow spiritually. Pastor Rogers and his staff are determined to see these children become the Christian leaders that their country needs in order to spread the Gospel. They know that God can accomplish all things and He has a plan for them. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). I would like to thank Grace Community Church in Texas for raising the funding required to provide the children with Bibles.

The rainy season has descended upon Sierra Leone. With an average of 19 feet of rain a year; the rains are both a blessing and a hindrance. The rains are welcomed for the farming projects Pastor Rogers has implemented. With four more acres cleared and planted, the rains will ensure that the crops take root. We’ve planted a second crop of cassava and potatoes, as well as ground nuts (similar to peanuts) and leaf vegetables. The first harvest of cassava has begun and the processing of the root. All the children assist with clearing, planting, and weeding.

The rains have halted the progress of the Pig Project. We began production of mud blocks for the structure, but the rains prevented the blocks from drying properly, and in some cases washed them away completely. While initially disappointing, the delay will allow an architect in Massachusetts to finish researching, designing, and shipping the plans of a proper structure to Pastor Rogers. He and his staff are also able to learn more about raising pigs from other local farmers and from books that were sent over in March. Despite unexpected challenges, God continues to keep His hand on all the projects at the Home.

The rains also increase the mosquito population. We can expect many of the children to contract malaria. The only protection they have is from bed nets that stifle any breeze that may give them relief from the heat. God willing, the clinic will have the proper medication and an adequate supply.

Please continue to pray for the following: the children and staff of the orphanage, an increase in the monthly support raised for the Home (a minimum of an additional $500 a month is needed to cover the costs of schooling), completion of Pastor Rogers’ house, and success of all the farming projects. Thank you to all who participate in the project and support it financially. God is blessing this project! Hope is realized by the hopeless and the Gospel of Christ is being spread. Check out New Hope Initiative on YouTube to see the work being accomplished.

By Phil d’Entremont - Project Director: Sierra Leone



Forging A Path Out Of Poverty

Poverty is a villain who terrorizes, oppresses and represses.  It takes the path of unworthiness, defeat and sorrow.  I feel this sorrow as I consider poverty and a deeper sorrow as some of its victims have now entered my life and become my closest friends. As a result, my path in life is to fight against poverty, to challenge its violent and relentless pursuit to take its subjects.  It is an evil regime that has preceded and will continue to proceed the majority world.

Along my path I have found many organizations accomplishing credible feats in this battle and I heartedly commend and thank them.  But there is an organization I can personally and intimately endorse in its efforts and that is New Hope Initiative, where we are initiating change by carrying the Good News of God's love thru nutrition, education, micro-loans for small businesses and providing medical care for those who are as poor as you can imagine.  Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 400 million of them.  Their simple dwellings have no electricity, no running water or sewage system, women cook with charcoal, they wash their clothes in a tub, they get up early in the morning to walk to market and sell their produce or wares.  They return home at night to prepare meager dinner for their families or no dinner at all.  As men lose their self worth women and children bear the brunt of their trauma.

Yet I have found some things along this path.  I have witnessed to what extremes a mother will go for her child.  I have found that amidst the strife and hopelessness God is right in the middle of it.  He knows it all, He sees it all, and He has great compassion for us all.  Also I have found that even the most difficult life is still a treasure.  As far as poverty seems from the throne of heaven, I can still hear His voice.  I see light in the darkness and hope burning bright for the future.

Join us in forging this path out of poverty...

By Karen Baird - Director of New Hope Initiative



Kony 2012 Interviews

There has been a lot of talk about the Invisible Children Kony 2012 video in recent days. Sandy and Karen were interviewed last week about their thoughts on the issue, considering our work in Africa and Uganda. Please take a moment to watch these clips from two local news stations in Texas. The bottom line is: research the facts and mission statements before you choose to dismiss or support any cause.

ABC 13's Interview

My Fox Houston's Interview