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Helen's Story

This month we are focusing on the individual people involved in the ministries that New Hope Initiative supports. We often report on our work in the Nairobi area slum called Kibera. There are so many areas of progress we could report on, but we want to focus on a great blessing in the life of one of our New Hope Primary Students.

In Kenya, as in any culture, adolescent girls face the pressure of conforming to standards of beauty and physical appearance.  Helen Blank is no different from most of the girls her age. Two years ago, Helen (12) attempted to pierce her own ears. However, it did not go as planned and she developed a tumor on her earlobe. This tumor grew rapidly until it was the size of a golf ball. At an age when young ladies are often very shy and self-conscious, this was a very difficult burden for Helen to bear.  She is a beautiful young lady, with an infectious smile, but Helen began to cover her ear at all times and almost never allowed people to see that side of her face. While a curable problem, the cost of the outpatient procedure required was too costly for her family.

In the midst of these trying circumstances, many of our team members have taken a great interest in Helen over the last two years and have loved her throughout the challenge. We are so happy to report that in September, through the new medical clinic program in Kibera, we took Helen to an outpatient clinic and the doctors removed the tumor. You can see the dramatic difference in the before and after photos. We are so excited for this blessing in Helen's life and we are thankful for our New Hope Initiative team that helped make it happen.